It has become a truism that there is more money than good ideas, and more capital than existing asset classes can profitably absorb. The Data Guild is a new kind of organization, pioneering a new model for the co-creation of value. Like a venture fund, we convert LP capital into equity in a portfolio of new ventures. But like a startup, we apply our own efforts directly, rather than allocating capital. The result is an investment with a risk reward profile between that of an individual startup and traditional venture fund. Combined with our deep commitment to social and business impact in our focus sectors, The Data Guild provides a unique vehicle for investors to put their capital to work.

Our portfolio combines joint ventures with strategic partners, internal spinouts, and independent startups.

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AGL Peer to Peer

The Guild partnered with AGL, a major Australian power company, to develop and pilot a peer-to-peer residential energy trading platform in which users with rooftop solar and battery storage could trade excess energy with others in an automated marketplace.

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Inari is the code name for a software development process and platform that will transform how software is developed, sold, and deployed in life sciences and health care. It will deliver a 10x improvement in the cost, risk, and market delays that are associated with computer system validation (CSV), the process by which software products receive regulatory approval.

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Motiva AI saves teams hundreds of hours per year in labor while it improves your entire marketing practice, from audience definition and discovery to messaging optimization to funnel performance. Based on a proprietary machine learning engine, Motiva AI is a powerful new member of any team, automatically finding and executing strategies that most resonate with your target audience. Motiva AI is now moving into healthcare to deliver adaptive patient experiences in clinical trials and healthcare programs.

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Superconductive Health

Superconductive Health is focused exclusively on connecting, migrating, and normalizing health care data systems — because that’s where information exchange happens at scale. Superconductive is pioneering new technology and better workflows, to accelerate data translation in health care by an order of magnitude.

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Layer is a Guild project to conceive, develop, test, and iterate on data and machine learning microservices. A single API key gives access to a powerful, developer-friendly API.

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